Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) System

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that stores and retrieves data remotely through devices called RFID tags or transponders. These devices use radio frequency (RF) signal to exchange information. They contain antennas that allow them to respond to queries from RFID transceivers.

RFID is a well-developed technology that has become an extremely reliable, valuable, and pervasive tool for diverse sectors. HKSL first developed track and trace application for border clearance systems. In both public and business sectors, our customers is using our integrated system service from keep tabs on asset management, access control to vehicle control and payment, and many more. HKSL do not just provide RFID packages, but an integrated system solution for your needs. With technological advancement, RFID helps increase productivity and operation efficiency, thus in the long run, reduces your operation cost.

Asset Management

With all kinds of warehouse and logistics needs, we offer professional asset management solution. From inventory management to tools and stock tracking, we can help you to control your asset in a precise and efficient way. In the long run, it minimizes your turnover and boosts your business productivity.

Truck Control

Managing a cargo terminal or warehouse, and want to enhance the loading efficiency? We offer RFID solutions to automatize daily process. Once the trucks enter the gate, system has recognized the truck identity and automatically helps coordination of the whole loading process to save your time and effort.

Access Control

Access control is always an utmost important issue for corporations. RFID solution offers multi-tasks capability in a cost-saving, convenient identity device. With the combination of biometrics, the security level is enhanced without extra costs.

Car Park System

An advanced car park management system could be much more efficient and provide better user-experience to the users. It is not just an in and out logging system, but a full package of management system to enhance parking experience and reduce the running costs.

File Tracking System

We know that managing a file storage system is not an easy task, especially when the storage is still in active state. RFID system allows files tracking, so the real-time location can be tracked and located precisely. With our system, database can always match with the real-time situation and no files will be lost.


With our experienced team in the profession, HKSL delivers a customized plan for your specific needs. We know every client comes from different background does have their own goal and limitation, so we dedicated to deliver one-stop RFID solution, design and build what you need.


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