Biometrics (or Biometric Authentication) refers to the identification of humans by their biological characteristics or traits. It is being used in many circumstances to enhance security and convenience in the operation. Many companies are also implementing biometrics technologies to secure areas, maintain time records, and enhance user experience.

Biometrics can be used in environments where recognition of an individual is required. Its applications vary and range from access control to criminal identification. Also, RFID and biometrics can be incorporated to serve bigger, faster, and automated solution to enhance security and efficiency of a corporation. By combining the advantages of RFID detection and unique biological data, RFID + Biometrics could create powerful solutions precisely serve for your needs.

Fingerprint solution

Fingerprint Solution

Fingerprint recognition has been well developed for years and has been applied in various fields for security, transaction, identity authentication. As it has been fully-developed, it is a system that you could consider for its high security and precision which can protect your assets in a simple and convenient way.

Facial Recognition System

Facial Recognition System

Facial recognition system has been the focus for the past few years for the future trend of security and management system. Compared to the fingerprint and iris recognition, its non-contact feature gives its edge to manage people flow and can serve more than one target at the same time. Also, the video recorded can also serve as an archive for people identification.