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Bluebird - Pidion

Bluebird - Pidion is one of the leading RFID handheld device provider positioned to serve businesses and government sectors for extensive usage. Various devices including Tablets, handheld device and mobile RFID reader can provide items specific for your needs. With high-performance capacity and user-friendly UI, Bluebird will be your choice in mobile RFID solution

BP30 tablet redefine what tablet can be in business sector, with 5-inch display in a compact size. It is integrated with 2D barcode scanner and HF RFID scanner, and also contactless payment and card payment reader. It is IP67 sealed and ready for multi-task in any environment.

RFR900 adds UHF RFID reading capability to Bluebirds touch mobile computers and is designed as an ergonomic pistol grip handle — ideal for use in retail, manufacturing, and distribution. RFR900 provides exceptional reading performance in both tag recognition rate and accuracy. It offers complete data transference with purpose-built design.
RFID reader provider


With high reputation in the industry, ThingMagic RFID is your choice for high performance capable to work in different environment. From commercial, industrial to public service, ThingMagic RFID readers can serve your needs perfectly.

In a PC card size, The M5e UHF RFID module concentrates high-performance into a small package so you can design RFID into your own device. The M5e is ideal for adding UHF RFID read/write capabilities to a wide range of products and solutions, from high-speed label printing and inlay testing, to stationary, mobile, and handheld computers.

The USB Plus+ RFID Reader is a low cost platform for developing and deploying interactive read/write applications. The USB Plus+ is controlled and powered by a host PC or laptop through a USB interface, permitting rapid creation of RFID solutions. The USB Plus+ supports a variety of applications, including RFID tag commissioning, manufacturing WIP, document tracking, library book check in/out, retail point of sale, event and hospitality services, hospital patient workflows, and more.

With reliability and enterprise-grade performance, the M6 offers a low-profile form factor, rugged service operating capabilities and the industry’s highest transmit power for a Power over Ethernet (PoE) capable reader. These features make the M6 well suited for enterprise, commercial and industrial environments where high performance in a wide range of operating conditions is required.


Barcode and QR code System

Barcode and QR code system has been a well-established technology in retail and logistic sectors. It is still cost saving and effective in some circumstances. HK Systems Limited also provides one stop solution which adopts barcode or QR code into your system in the way you want. We can also provide solution to combine barcode or QR code system with RFID technology to enhance the flexibility of your idea. All sorts of latest barcode and QR code products could also be found in HKSL. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.