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Car parking System

Managing a carpark could involve lots of manpower and tedious workload. But carpark automation system could release your management from the constraint of human resources and optimize daily management processes. With cooperation with our partners, we provide one-stop carpark solution capable to support various payment and access method. From traditional payment card, RFID recognition system to car plate recognition system, we are experienced in designing and incorporating diverse functions into carpark system and create the best user experience to the carpark user.

Automated Carpark system
Support various payment and access method
Optimize management efficiency
Integration with the existing system
Minimize operational costs

Vehicle control System

Managing a cargo terminal with over 200,000 sqm floor area and keep it running smoothly in 7x24 basis involves unimaginable resources. But our system simply makes it easier. RFID system automates the allocation procedure of the vehicle to the appropriate dock where the right cargo would be ready for pickup. It creates a seamless experience which saves lots of manpower and avoids human error, and ultimately enhances the efficiency, user experience and the reputation of the terminal.
With an RFID tag assigned to a vehicle, the RFID antenna will detect the vehicle in an instant and match the data with the internal system, which will assign the cargo to a dock. The vehicle location is tracked in the terminal and the directory will show the matched dock number to the driver so that the vehicle could go to the dock directly where the cargo is placed.

Real-time management of vehicle and cargo within the terminal
Enhanced security
Automated truck allocation
Seamless operation
Minimize human error
Improve efficiency and user experience

File Tracking

Managing millions of document files could be a headache to the corporation for its quantity and importance. Sometimes a document is needed to be located and retrieved in a short period of time, and the potential cost of losing a document could be enormous. It is the case especially in public service, insurance, finance, legal, education and healthcare sector. A file tracking system with RFID will be the cost effective file management solution. With RFID tag, all the documents could have its own identity. Information of the documents could be retrieved online according to its security level. With a file tracking system, operation cost could be reduced and better service could be provided.

Effective means to retrieve a document from a massive database
Data could be retrieved in a click
Reduce operational cost
Enhance security level
Enhance customer service standard

Access control
Access control

With rising concern of security in public and private sector, access control is the first line of defense against unauthorized intrusion. Electronic access control uses computer system to solve limitation of the mechanical system, where wide range of credentials could be used to raise the security level. Our access control system can also integrate with attendance or other desired function so the system’s potential could be reached. With RFID technology, access control system could also be integrated with staff tracking system, in which the approximate location of the staff could be shown, which could help the management to maximize the resources in the workplace.

Enhance security level
Integrate with the existing management system
Optimize access control efficiency
Access log could be retrieved
Automation of access management and erase human error

Asset Management

To get the advantage in the global competition, an efficient asset management system is crucial for the enterprise. An efficient AM system able to prevent inventory lost, minimize maintenance cost while maximizing the efficiency of asset utilization, keeps you always ahead in the industry. RFID asset management system powered a real-time, visualized interface for you to manage your assets in different location, keep track on asset volume in multiple locations and raise your security levels. This solution can monitor the whole lifecycle of asset management, which suits not only education, public service and healthcare, but all sorts of industry which needs to enhance their operational efficiency and full utilization of assets.

Real-time inventory management and location tracking
Boost logistics efficiency
Enhance security level
Optimize operational process
Reduce administration and storage costs
Integration with your current system

Fingerprint Auenthtication System

As the biometric technology has become popular in the market, from public, business or even our private life, biometrics is everywhere around us. Biometric characteristic is unique to each individual, which give rise to incompatible advantage of using it for identification and security measures. Nowadays with reasonably cost, every business can have biometrics solution incorporated into their own management system to enhance their security and attendance system. Among several kinds of biometrics, fingerprint is the most mature technology which could provide the most convenient identification measure for the users. HKSL is experienced to integrate your existing system with latest Fingerprint identification equipment thus improving your security and management level

Reasonably cost for massive enhancement
Enhance security level
Convenient for adaptation
Seamless Integration to your existing system
Improve management cost and efficiency

Facial Recognition System

Facial Recognition is another trending biometrics which has become popular for its non-contact nature. It has a wide range of application. Unlocking a cellphone, recognizing a person’s identity for law enforcement, or even automation of attendance system with RFID technology, all of it can be done by Facial recognition technology. By identifying facial features by an encoded algorithm, Facial recognition can enhance your security level in a smooth and non-intrusive way, which could be used from border control to “Free-flow” attendance system. With integration to RFID technology, large amount of workers’ attendance could be taken by an automated facial and RFID recognition system in a short period of time, which greatly reduces the operational cost for human resources. All sorts of application of facial recognition can be integrated to your existing system to boost your business efficiency.

Enhance security level by recognizing the unique facial feature
Non-contact operation
Multiple recognitions can be done at the same time
Seamless Integration to your existing system
Improve management cost and efficiency


Every customer will have their own thought about what they want. It is sometimes unique and there is no specific item in the market could fit their needs. As an expert in system integration, HK Systems listens to your needs and thinks in your way to provide the custom-made solution for what you want. An automated time attendance system which combines RFID and Biometrics features is made for the need of our customer’s requirement, in which both staff’s attendance and maintenance of the security level of the restricted area could be done in one machine. With both RFID technology and facial recognition system, it provides an all-in-one solution to the operation of the routine process. The whole design is integrated with the existing system so that user does not need to readapt the new one at all. Our experience in customization service has brought countless solution to our client, and we are ready to bring your business to the next level.

Integration with your own existing system
Customized features for your needs


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